What is an Athletic Trainer (AT)?

Athletic Trainers are the perfect professionals to work with when it comes to injury prevention. Their numerous areas of expertise allow them to provide ergonomic and body mechanic training, identify at risk employees and provide stretches and exercises to diminish the risk of injury, and provide information on general health topics. The benefit of an ergonomically sound workforce with a strong understanding of body mechanics and how to maintain good health is a more productive, healthier, and happier workforce.

Athletic Trainers often serve in the evaluative and rehabilitative capacity in their work settings. The industrial setting is no different as Athletic Trainers are well suited to identify employees who are in pain. While evaluating an employee, they can utilize their skill sets to identify the issue and provide appropriate first aid only interventions and exercises to resolve the employee’s issue.

While working with Human Resources and Safety professionals, Athletic Trainers can bring a healthcare professional’s point of view to issues at hand. This can range from assisting in the development of policies and procedures to taking more active roles as case managers and champions of the given company’s work health culture.

Where do Athletic Trainers work?

  • Professional athletics
  • College/high school athletics
  • Military
  • Performing Arts
  • Industrial Settings
  • Physician Offices