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FAQS about Injury Prevention Programs

In the US, each year 3.3 million people are injured at work and 12 die daily. Most are preventable deaths and injuries which cost employers approximately $1 billion annually in compensation. Therefore, it is important to invest in injury prevention programs (IPPs) to minimize injuries, implement appropriate safety measures, and save the cost associated with workplace accidents.

If you’re interested to implement an IPP in your workplace, but you still have certain ambiguities and questions in mind, then read on to resolve all your queries. The following are some frequently asked questions regarding injury prevention programs. Take a look to get all your questions answered:

What is an Injury Prevention Program?

An injury prevention program is a proactive process that helps employers to identify and overcome workplace safety hazards to minimize the possibilities of workplace injuries. These programs are highly effective in lowering the incidences of workplace illnesses, injuries, and deaths.

Moreover, IPPs transform workplace culture where safety comes first, thereby boosting employee morale and performance. This leads to higher quality and productivity, lower turnover, and greater worker satisfaction.

How does it Work?

An injury prevention program focuses on first identifying all the safety hazards in a given workplace. Based on those hazards, injury prevention specialists develop a plan. This plan includes steps and measures to prevent as well as control those hazards thereby minimizing the risk of injuries. The workers are trained about the mechanics of the program so that they can take precautionary measures correctly and stay safe.

Once the plan is implemented, it is periodically assessed to check its functionality and see whether or not improvements are needed. Simply stated, IPP is an ongoing process that helps employers to provide a safe and healthy work environment to their workers. Threats and hazards are identified proactively to prevent workplace injuries.

What are the essential elements of an injury prevention program?

Among the essential elements of an injury prevention program are hazard identification and assessment, management leadership, hazard prevention and control, worker participation, training and education and program evaluation and improvement.

However, since every business is unique and different, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. Therefore, injury prevention programs need to be tailor-made. Also, it is very important to scale, adapt and improve injury prevention programs to comply with the organizational safety needs and complexity of the operations.

What actions should be taken to prevent workplace illnesses and injuries?

The purpose of the program is to teach you safety practices and procedures that should be followed at all times. In other words, it helps you take reasonable measures according to the nature of your work and type of hazard exposure to protect the safety and health of your employees.

For example, if your industry and nature of work include the use of heavy machinery or chemical substances which can be or are hazardous to health and worker safety, then these programs shall provide you with a clear action plan. This action plan includes comprehensive and clear instructions on machinery usage and chemical handling.

Is injury prevention programs resource intensive?

Not always. They need not always be resource-intensive. In fact, they can easily adapt to meet the requirements and the needs of an organization of any size and any scope.

§  What are the three E’s of an injury prevention program?

Although an injury prevention program includes a variety of strategies that cover different approaches, they can be classified in three areas:

  1. Education
  2. Engineering Modifications
  3. Enforcement or enactment

What is the most common cause of workplace injury?

The most common cause is perhaps overexertion. Injuries related to overexertion account for millions of emergency room visits annually. Overexertion occurs due to repetitive motion like heavy object lifting, typing non-stop and working in awkward positions, and that too without taking any rest breaks. These activities may push their body past their limits to the point of injury.

Why is it important to invest in ergonomic workplace equipment?

Employers must focus on investing in ergonomic workplace equipment for all the right reasons. By investing in ergonomic solutions, employers can ensure that their workers are more comfortable which directly impacts their productivity and performance.

Apart from that ergonomics is crucial because when a worker is performing a job their body is stressed by a posture that they have to maintain in order to perform the tasks. Besides the posture, other factors that can put stress on the body are extreme temperatures, repeated movements and length of time.

 All these factors can badly affect the worker’s musculoskeletal system, putting them at a high risk of injury and illnesses. Therefore, an injury prevention program focuses on implementing ergonomic solutions in the workplace, making it easier for the worker to perform tasks without getting injured or ill.

Implementing ergonomic solutions reduce risk factors that can lead to discomfort and injuries. Additionally, they provide big savings in the form of fewer incidence of workplace injuries, fewer worker compensation claims, and more productive and sustainable employees.

Who to go to for Injury Prevention Program Services?

There are many companies that offer injury prevention programs. However, if you’re looking for a reliable, experienced, and trusted partner who will work with you as a natural extension of your team to minimize risks of injuries and improve safety protocols in your workplace, then GSC Onsite is your answer.

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