Job Safety Analysis/Job Hazard Analysis Program

Job Task Safety Analysis Program

The GSC On-Site Job Task Safety Analysis (JTSA) is an enhanced JSA/JHA that is required for OSHA/MSHA compliance as well as industry certifications such as ISO or VPP. The GSC On-Site Services JTSA includes a photo of the hazard or risk, categorizes hazard type, class and impact factor of occurrence to employees. In addition, our JTSA identifies likelihood, severity and priority of each risk.

This allows the EHS team to establish specific and measurable goals for continuous improvement. Control strategies, PPE and specific comments pertinent to documenting and evaluating each risk is included.

Sample JTSA form:

job task safety analysis

During data collection for the JTSA, GSC On-Site Services also documents ergonomic risk factors in a separate report with photos and low-cost solutions. This comprehensive assessment is low cost but makes decision making and prioritization easy. Let GSC On-Site save your EHS team time and money and provide a standardized, 3rd party analysis to help with budgeting and initiative planning.


GSC On-Site Services is a member of the VPPPA and an associate member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

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