Injury Prevention Specialists
Staffing Model

Instant access to an in-house trained team

In-house Injury Prevention Professional to fill in the gaps associated with MSD, slip, trip and fall injuries.

Access an integrated Injury Prevention Program, with fully trained part or full-time Injury Prevention Specialists we place within your EHS department

Through the integration of the GSC On-Site IPS Program, employees have access to a consistent resource for questions, injury prevention programs and hands-on interventions on-site at their workplace.

This integrated program allows the IPS to interface with an employee to educate, demonstrate, and symptom remediation. This can include massage and manual therapy techniques, Kinesio taping, home, and work exercise programs, and symptom reduction programs that are specific to individual employees.


This Innovative Program Covers The
Following Main Services

Group 39.3

Prevention Plus

Prevention Plus is a specialized non-medical intervention program where an Athletic trainer can provide assessment, massage, Kinesio tape, heat/ice and exercises to promote symptom reduction. This model can reduce or eliminate work injuries and medical disability, improve employee biomechanics and promote improved productivity. Objective data is compiled to insure ROI.

Group 39

On-Site Body Mechanics
Coaching and Training

Body Mechanics Training is conducted by the IPS with employees to encourage best
practices for body mechanics and proper positioning. Body mechanics training can be
integrated into new employee training to reduce injuries, improve productivity, and
address aging workforce issues.

Group 39.3

Agility Testing

Post-Offer Agility Testing consists of the development of a custom, job specific,
testing protocol that is ADA and EEOC compliant. Once the testing protocol is
completed, the GSC On-Site IPS can administer testing to incumbents.

Group 2

Workstation and Office
Ergonomic Assessments

Worksite assessments are specific office ergonomic and workstation assessments
that are conducted as part of an early intervention strategy. The evaluations aim to
identify and remediate the root cause factors leading to injuries and other disabilities.

Group 39.1

The Flex for Success Program
and App

The Flex for Success Program has three levels of exercises to address all levels of conditioning and to promote flexibility for all ages. Hip stability promotes fall reduction and flexibility can reduce fatigue and promote better productivity. Baseline and quarterly flexibility measurements creates objective and measurable outcome metrics.

Group 2.2

New Employee Onboarding

Body Mechanics Training and Pre-Shift Warm Up orientation and baseline
measurements can be integrated into the new employee onboarding process. The IPS
can provide new employees with body mechanics training and best-known methods
as they are learning and receiving job training.

GSC On-Site Services is a member of the VPPPA and an associate member of the Society for Human Resource Management.

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