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Our 40 Year Mission at GSC

Our Mission at GSC On-Site Services is to address leading indicators for MSD and slip, trip and fall injury risk while applying metrics to enhance continuous improvement within safety programs.

At GSC On-Site Services, we know that in today’s safety environment there is continuous pressure to document improvements.

Continuous Improvement Solutions

GSC offers three ways to assist in the continuous improvement of your Injury Prevention Program.


Job Analysis+ ™

Our Job Analysis+™ program addresses leading indicators that can result in reduction in employee turnover, reduced injuries, reduced disabilities, and improved productivity...


Flex for Success™

Let us set you up for success to self-manage your Injury Prevention Program by having our team train your internal staff with our proven process for success, with the option for quarterly oversight by...


IPS Staffing Model

Access an integrated Injury Prevention Program, with fully trained part or full-time Injury Prevention Specialists we place within your  EHS department...

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Injury Prevention Specialists trained and skilled
in providing integrated services

Prevention Plus

Early symptom intervention to reduce musculoskeletal symptoms to prevent work related injuries and to reduce lost work days and STD/LTD time off

Pre-Shift Warm Up Flexibility

Three (3) levels to address all ages and conditions, baseline and quarterly flexibility measurements for metrics, ROI and accountability

Body Mechanics Coaching

At the workstation to identify and correct high-risk postures that result in fatigue and reduced productivity as well as risk MSD injuries

Ergonomic Assessments

for office and production positions

Post Offer Agility Test Administration

based on custom tests developed from Job Analysis

Wellness and Education Programs

focused on company specific needs via screenings, in-services, written materials, etc.

New Employee On-Boarding

accomplished with specific body mechanics training and integration into other IPS services to insure that the new employee learns the job using proper body mechanics and by having access to the IPS for Prevention Plus and coaching services.